Our Story, Our Partners


The drive to help Southeast Asia SMEs achieve relevance and competitiveness in selling their products abroad came from the co-founder’s long experience and relationship with packaged consumer food value chain stakeholders in the export business.

Many good and innovative products developed and manufactured by SMEs have not been given the opportunity to be introduced properly in the international stage and eventually faded into obscurity.

Doing export is not easy, very challenging, but the results are worthwhile. And with the right export match solution which Uni Global Access provides, we can help you achieve export-readiness and go global with your products.

Allow us to help you build your export competence, in your products, in your people, in your business.



  • Small and Medium Enterprises – Southeast Asia SME food and beverage manufacturers with competitive and innovative products either start-up, in initial export stage or already doing export and need support to enter key markets abroad, either branded or OEM
  • Importer-Distributors – significant scale wholesale-retail businesses in key markets abroad who have limited information and access to competitive and innovative products from Southeast Asia SMEs, and would be willing to buy and support, either branded or OEM
  • FMCG Companies¬†(Buyers) – food and beverage manufacturers who would like to expand their product portfolio without initially investing in equipment and machineries, and buy products either branded or OEM
  • FMCG Companies (Sellers) – select food and beverage manufacturers who would like to enter specific markets but have access limitations